La recherche en cancérologie à l'ICM, Institut du Cancer de Montpellier

Research in oncology at the ICM

Over the years, the ICM has become a centre of reference among the other French cancer centres.. Research is, along with care, teaching and prevention, a major founding mission of our institute. Understanding better the mechanisms of cancer development and innovating in this field will allow improving prevention and screening of the disease, overall cancer management and the patients' quality of life.

In accordance with the 3rd French Cancer Plan, the ICM develops a research centred on the patient, spanning from fundamental biology to clinical applications. Research at the ICM is organised in six areas: prevention, pure research, translational research, clinical and methodological research and human and social sciences.

Prevention and human and social research are developed at the Epidaure prevention centre, which is dedicated to designing public health and health education plans.

Fundamental research is carried out by the Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier (IRCM), jointly operated by the Inserm (U896), the University of Montpellier and the ICM.

Clinical research asks for the patients’ participation and is carried out in all the poles of the ICM. It consists in the evaluation of new treatments, new medical devices or innovative diagnosis strategies, etc...

Standing at the interface between pure and clinical research, the translational research unit (ICM-IRCM) is devoted to the bidirectional transfer of knowledge derived from laboratory discoveries to the patients, and observations with patients to basic research. A centre for biological research in oncology, now indispensable to translational research, was set up at the ICM to collect biological samples (tumour tissue, blood, serum etc.) on an anonymous basis, in accordance with ethics and provide them to the scientific community.

A statistical method for project design and study analysis is required to perform an effective and recognised research. That is why the ICM also conducts research in this field, so as to improve the quality of data collection and analysis methodologies.

Research at the ICM is the subject of many regional and national collaborations, particularly with the other French cancer centres (Unicancer group), with the healthcare institutions, universities, private companies and with national research organisations such as the Inserm and the CNRS. The institute is also engaged in numerous international collaborative projects with foreign scientific teams in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Algeria, etc ….

Last, the ICM is the institution to which the integrated cancer research site, the "SIRIC Montpellier Cancer" is attached; it was approved and founded in October 2012 by the National Cancer Institute (INCa).