Oncology care at ICM

Patients from the Montpellier area and the wider Languedoc-Roussillon region are referred to the institution.  It offers a unique personalised management model away from Paris, both in terms of care and follow-up, through supportive care. The care provided by the ICM covers all types of cancer treatments: surgery, radiotherapy, brachytherapy and chemotherapy.  Each patient is given targeted treatment adapted to his pathology to thanks to the in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge of cancer of the medical staff.

On a day-to-day basis, multidisciplinary teams (specialists and general practitioners, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, patient beauty practitioners, smoking specialists etc.) all work together and with the patients throughout their treatment and follow up.

The diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of cancer take into account the latest scientific and medical innovations.

The ICM offers patients a personalised management, from both the point of view of medical and supportive care during and after the disease. The institution works in collaboration with networks of private and hospital carers. The ICM spares no effort to provide everyone with care, quality and safety.