Our values

All ICM staff, like all Cancer Centers in the Unicancer network, carry common values.

Our values to offer optimal care


We are women and men committed together in favor of a humanistic medicine, respectful of each of our patients.


We strive, every day and in all areas, to be at the forefront of the fight against cancer.


We support the general interest, public service and  providing a service to the public and defend our model, non-profit and accessible to all.


We are driven by the culture of research and innovation, a source of shared progress, with the ambition of improving treatment and overall care.

Notre charte d'engagement

A commitment charter

The ICM has decided to make a collective commitment to patients through a charter shared by all the Centers for the fight against cancer, to affirm our vision of oncology and our expertise.
The commitment charter, based on common values, establishes 6 pillars to guarantee quality medical and human care and establish a relationship of trust with our patients.

Discover the commitment Charter