The establishment is a reference for patients from Greater Montpellier and more generally from the Occitanie Region (Pyrenees / Mediterranean).

The ICM offers a personalized care model that is unique in the region, both in terms of care and in terms of follow-up through supportive care.

The offer of care at the ICM covers all treatments dedicated to cancer: surgery, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy.

Each patient receives targeted treatments thanks to the in-depth and multidisciplinary knowledge of cancers that the medical teams have.

On a daily basis, multidisciplinary teams (medical specialists, general practitioners, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, socio-esthetician, tobacco specialist, etc.) intervene in a coordinated manner with patients throughout the treatments.

The diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancers incorporate the latest scientific and medical innovations.

The ICM offers patients personalized care both in terms of care and support during and after illness.

The establishment ensures collaboration with private and hospital care networks.

A personalized treatment path

Multidisciplinary Concertation Meetings (RCP) are organized.

These are working and discussion sessions, during which doctors present patient files. Together, they discuss and propose a treatment strategy for each patient, meeting specific criteria. These meetings guarantee the patient the best medical decision and equal opportunity to benefit from the best treatments.

The ICM makes every effort to ensure the quality and safety of care.


La consultation d’oncogénétique de l'ICM s’adresse aux candidats éventuels à une prédisposition héréditaire aux cancers.

Elle propose aux candidats une recherche de mutation qui, si elle est identifiée, permettra un dépistage génétique chez les membres de leur famille qui le souhaitent.

En savoir plus 

Thank you to the reception secretary who, before my intervention, gave me a tour of the service to allay my fears. Thank you to the nurse who supported me and gave me courage. Thanks to the nurse of the operating room who held my hand until I fell asleep and to the nurse anesthetist who assured me she would be there to wake me up. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you to the surgeon who heard my fears and my sufferings.

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