Over the years, the ICM has established itself among the Centers for the Fight against Cancer as a benchmark center for research.

Research is, along with care, education and prevention, one of the major founding missions of the ICM.

Better understanding cancer and innovating can improve prevention, screening, overall care and quality of life for patients.

In line with the Cancer Plan, the ICM is developing patient-centered research, from basic biology to clinical applications.

The research areas are as follows:


Research at the ICM is the subject of numerous regional and national collaborations, in particular with all the Centers for the Fight against Cancer (Unicancer Network), health establishments, universities, private companies and research organizations. like INSERM and CNRS.

The ICM is also developing numerous international collaborations with foreign scientific teams (United States, Canada, England, Australia, Algeria, etc.).


The Montpellier Cancer Research Institute (IRCM)

In barely 20 years, the IRCM has been able to raise its research to the best international level in the field of fundamental and applied oncology, research carried out in close collaboration with the clinical services of the ICM and industrial partners.

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SIRIC Montpellier Cancer

SIRIC Montpellier Cancer

The ICM is the affiliate of the Integrated Cancer Research Center "SIRIC Montpellier Cancer" certified in October 2012 by the National Cancer Institute.

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Agreeing to participate in a clinical trial is like challenging yourself. It means participating in innovating in cancer treatments.

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