The ICM is committed to patients and caregivers by providing them with information and involving them in decisions relating to their care.

At the ICM, we care about our patients: we are committed to providing you with clear information, listening to you and involving you in decisions that affect you.

Patient rights

  • Patients have the right to quality services that meet their needs, with respect for their human dignity and autonomy and without any distinction.
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  • The caregivers are the relatives of the patients who accompany them at the ICM but also at home. The ICM is sensitive to their presence and has set up support within medical oncology care services.
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Health democracy

  • At the ICM, patients are involved in the life of the facility. This democracy is illustrated in particular by their representation in the various consultation and decision-making bodies of the establishment.
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associations de patients à l'ICM

Patient associations

Many associations and teams of volunteers work within the ICM throughout the year to bring comfort and listen to our patients.

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Patients treated at the ICM are invited to leave a testimonial on our website.
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Charte d'engagement

Commitment charter

The ICM has decided to make a collective commitment to patients through a charter shared by all the Centers for the fight against cancer, to affirm our vision of oncology and our expertise.

The commitment charter, based on common values, establishes 6 pillars to guarantee quality medical and human care and establish a relationship of trust with our patients. Commitment n ° 2 stipulates that we inform you clearly and that we involve you in decisions concerning you.

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