Early Phase Testing Unit (UEPP)

The UEPP takes care of patients treated with innovative molecules and develops new treatments in oncology.

The Early Phases Testing Unit (UEPP), created in 2011, is attached to the Department of Medical Oncology and aims to develop innovative therapeutic strategies in partnership with national and international academic promoters, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies.

Organization of the UEPP

The UEPP has an autonomous organization and a dedicated medical and nursing staff composed of three doctors, a health officer and three nurses, as well as a secretary. This unit works in close collaboration with the ICM Clinical Research Center. All of the establishment's early phase (phase I and phase II) pharmacological clinical trials are carried out within this Unit under the responsibility of Dr. Diego Tosi.
The UEPP is located on the third floor of Building B and can accommodate 14 patients per day who are cared for in short-term hospitalization as part of their treatment. UEPP is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

In March 2018, the UEPP obtained the renewal by the ARS of its authorization for a research site, which is essential in order to be able to conduct early phase trials.

The main mission of UEPP is to support patients treated with innovative molecules in early phase trials. These treatments can be chemotherapy agents, molecular inhibitors, immunotherapies or combinations of treatments. Thus, since 2012, more than 900 patients have been followed at UEPP in phase I and II clinical trials for solid tumors in adults.

The Unit allows:

  • an outpatient and conventional mode of hospitalization,
  • specific monitoring,
  • the administration of innovative treatments,
  • the taking of samples intended for research,
  • overall patient care (pain, nutrition, supportive care, etc.).

Center labeled INCa Early Phase (CLIPP)

EIn 2010, the ICM, in partnership with the Montpellier University Hospital for oncohematology trials, was one of the 16 French centers labeled by the INCa Early Phase Testing Center (CLIPP). In 2015, then 2019, the UEPP obtained a renewal of this labeling.
The main objective of the CLIPPs is to improve the quality of early phase trials in France and increase their number, to strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of French clinical research among drug manufacturers in France and abroad and to promote academic clinical research.

The Montpellier CLIPP is particularly focused on the design and conduct of new clinical trials from academic laboratories and the improvement of toxicities management.