Consultez les témoignages des patients soignés à l'ICM.

You have been an ICM patient or you simply want to leave us a message. We invite you to do so from the "Submit a testimony" form.

I would like to thank and congratulate all the nursing and hotel staff for the quality of the medical care.

I was welcomed by a competent and smiling staff and I was given attentive care in a friendly room. 

I would like to thank and congratulate the entire staff of the ICM who provided me with the best care in a warm atmosphere. I consider the ICM to be a very qualified hospital and I will definitely recommend it.

I can testify to the quality of the medical teams. I would like to emphasize the team spirit and cohesion that allow patients and their families to feel supported in morally and medically delicate situations.

I would like to congratulate the medical and nursing staff for their work and their respect for patients. I was touched by the welcome given to the students. I wish a long life to the ICM and its dedicated staff.

I met with the nurse in charge of my care. She helped me to understand what was not clear to me about my treatment. 

I have been under the care of the ICM for almost three years, during which time I have met only dedicated, competent, understanding people in the various service areas, always listening and looking for the best solution. This is remarkable and deserves a big thank you and our recognition.

At the ICM, we are not numbers but treated as individuals in their own right. Everyone is empathetic, listens and knows how to interact in a human way with the patient in front of them. 

From my arrival at reception until my discharge from the hospital, I was taken care of in very professional, human and gentle way. Congratulations to all your service areas for employing such professional and qualified staff. They are near the perfection !