Medical Departments

The ICM is organized into medical departments and directorates.

The departments bring together all the medical activities of the establishment, each department is coordinated by a manager.

Radiographie à l'ICM

Oncological radiotherapy


The radiotherapy activity is marked at the ICM by a high-level medical practice accompanied by a strong involvement in technological development and research. All cancers are treated there. The offer of care is aimed at both patients treated at the ICM and those coming from outside; it homogeneously covers the whole of the Region.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art technical platform and highly qualified personnel, the service has placed a requirement for quality and safety at the heart of its action. Providing the patient with a quality welcome, medical expertise, psychological comfort and personalized follow-up is a priority.

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médecine oncologique à l'ICM

Oncological medicine

The department is dedicated to the care of patients in medical oncology. It brings together a day hospitalization service, an outpatient medicine service and 3 full hospitalization services. Patients are hospitalized for chemotherapy for complications or for palliative care. A certain number of patients are also hospitalized for check-ups and nutritional support as well as for endoscopy examinations.

These services mainly deal with the following pathologies: digestive cancers, urological cancers, thoracic cancers, ENT cancers, breast cancers, brain tumors, gynecological cancers, lymphomas and sarcomas.

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chirurgie oncologique àl'ICM

Oncological surgery


Surgery is a major component in the treatment of many cancers, such as breast cancers, gynecological cancers, digestive cancers or sarcomas. Its quality and accuracy depends on the further prognosis of the disease.

Due to its very high level technical platform (Robot Da Vinci, etc.), the expertise of its team of surgeons and the predominance of research and innovation (CHIP, PIPAC, etc.), the Institute du Cancer de Montpellier is today a major player in oncological surgery at national and European level.

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anesthésie à l'ICM


The ICM's anesthesia department provides follow-up and care for surgical patients before, during and after the operation and for medical patients during endoscopies, radiology and radiotherapy procedures. The anesthetists take charge of the anesthetic act itself and of waking up in the operating room.

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anatomopathologie à l'ICM


The mission of the Department of Anatomy and Pathological Cytology of the ICM is to establish the formal diagnosis of tumor lesion and to specify its morphological characteristics (benign, malignant lesion, degree of aggression, excisional limits of a tumor). This diagnosis can be made from surgical specimens, biopsies or cytological samples. The examinations are carried out at the request of doctors from different departments.

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soins de support

Supportive care

The objective of supportive care is to provide patients with comprehensive care integrating their life, family, personal and professional projects, taking into account their well-being and their local network. The actors who provide supportive care at the ICM accompany patients throughout their care journey. After the treatments, they organize the link with local professionals (medical and paramedical).

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pharmacie à l 'ICM

The pharmacy

The mission of the Pharmacy department is to ensure the security of the drug and medical devices circuit at all stages: supply, manufacture of injectable anti-cancer drugs and control, dispensing, advice to patients, etc.
The pharmacy is involved in a quality approach through the implementation of the Contract for Improvement and Quality and Efficiency of Care.

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médecine nucléaire à l'ICM

Nuclear medicine

The ICM has a recently renovated nuclear medicine department equipped with high-tech devices for optimal patient care.
Nuclear medicine at the ICM is part of a high-level expertise, with collaborations via the Onco-Occitanie Network for complex cases. It is a regional expert center "TUTHYREF" (National Network for the Studies of Refractory Thyroid Tumors led by IGR.

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imagerie médicale à l'ICM

Medical imaging

At the ICM, the Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging department offers all modern radiology techniques to our patients. The medical imaging activity at the ICM is divided into several areas: senology, standard radiology and ultrasound, CT scan and MRI. The services offered are intended for patients followed within the establishment and those coming from outside.

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