Education in oncology is, alongside care, research and prevention, one of the missions of the ICM.

The sharing of skills and training in oncology professions are strongly anchored in the culture of the ICM.

  • University hospital doctors and certain specialist doctors at the establishment provide courses, conferences, seminars, continuing education days for specialist or general practitioners, as well as training for interns.
  • Nursing and medico-technical staff provide education and training for future professionals and participate in numerous conferences and seminars.
  • The administrative services welcome many interns each year (General Management, Quality Delegation, Department of Medical Information, Communication Delegation, Human Resources, etc.) and some staff also take on a teaching assignment.
Ecole du Cancer de Montpelleir

Montpellier School of Cancer

The Montpellier Cancer School (ECM), part of the ICM, offers an innovative teaching model. The ECM was created by the ICM, in association with the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier and is integrated within the i-SITE MUSE.

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