Epidaure, the prevention department of the ICM, is dedicated to cancer prevention and health education.

At least 40% of cancers are linked to modifiable behaviors or environmental factors on which we can act: smoking, alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, UV exposure ...
It is these behaviors that guide the actions of Epidaure.

Epidaure ICM

Epidaure, local and national reference in the field of cancer prevention

Epidaure has the particularity of being both a prevention space, the National Education health prevention resource center as well as a research center with the objective of evaluating preventive actions. Since its opening, Epidaure has established itself as an innovative place in the field of prevention among young people and the general public. A pioneer in France, it serves as a model for the creation of other prevention centers.

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Axes of prevention

Epidaure develops innovative prevention programs based on evidence and anchored on theoretical models. Prevention is an essential means of action and is a priority public health issue. The actions of Epidaure revolve around the risk factors for cancer: tobacco, alcohol, diet, physical activity and the sun. These actions are either implemented within the edutainment space, or deployed in Occitanie.

Prevention, which is a major public health issue, constitutes a major challenge in the effective fight against cancer. Having a structure like Epidaure, a prevention department integrated within a cancer center, is a tremendous asset.

Marc Ychou, Director General of the ICM

Prévenir les cancers

Improve your health capital by following prevention advice

There are many causes that can cause cancer to start and grow. Among these causes are genetic predispositions, responsible for less than 10% of all cancers. Many cancers are favored by preventable risk factors: at least 40% are linked to behaviors that we can modify (smoking, alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, UV exposure, etc.). You can prevent certain cancers and improve your health capital by avoiding certain risky behaviors.

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